Protect your car, deter thieves with Catsiren - the ultimate defense against catalytic converter theft.

Thieves Can Steal Your Catalytic Converter in Broad Daylight!

CatSiren costs less than 1 tank of gas!

About CatSiren

When armed, the CatSiren continuously monitors the motion around your catalytic converter using Doppler Radar technology. If a thief attempts to crawl under your car to saw off your catalytic converter, the CatSiren creates a 130 decibel alarm noise. To prevent false alarms from pets, pests and debris, the CatSiren emits a brief warning signal before activating the full alarm sequence. 

The CatSiren is controlled in a convenient and familiar way. When leaving your car, arm your CatSiren with the included remote control. When you return, disarm the CatSiren with the remote control. Sleep easy knowing that no one is attempting to steal your catalytic converter.


What Our Users are Saying

I have a 2008 Toyota Prius and I spent $2000 replacing the catalytic converter after it was stolen from my driveway. I installed a CatSiren to protect my investment.

~ Carly G

I live in a safe quiet suburban neighborhood. It took 5 minutes for thieves to cut the catalytic converter off of my 1998 Toyota 4Runner when it was parked in my driveway. I bought a CatSiren to prevent it from happening again.

~ David S

My neighbor recently had her catalytic converter stolen and I don’t want it to happen to me. The Cat Siren gives me peace of mind when I’m sleeping.

~ Robert L